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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Ouroboros, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Ouroboros

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    I don't know if i've posted this in the right place... but I've got depression/anxiety and i've finally managed to seek financial support because of it even tho it's been going on for few years. But this means I have to have a medical assessment. I'm in the UK. This would be done by ATOS. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have severe problems talking to people, especially strangers, I have alot of difficulty going to new places etc, I have managed to arrange for someone to go with me. I suppose I'm trying to work out what to expect because I'm starting to really freak out and it's not for a bit yet, this feeling I know will escalate.

  2. JmpMster

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    I am glad you are seeking financial support. Hopefully that will relieve some sources of stress and anxiety for you. I am in the US so unfortunately cannot speak for assessments in UK but I doubt they could be overly different. Having had assessments done here the only thing I would strongly recommend is to not downplay or not mince words.
    As examples - if the physician asks you if you are able to go out by yourself - and answer "yes but it is difficult" may be problematic. If the sheet they are using only allows for yes or no annotations that will result in a yes. An answer of "with assistance such as with a friend like today sometimes but not by myself reasonably" sounds like it may be true in your situation (not to take guesses at your situation) and provides for the "no" check mark you will need.
    I am not endorsing lying as that can bite you as well - what I am saying is compare yourself to 'normal' people in your responses, do not rely on them to make that correlation. "can you work" if answered saying yes, but had to quit my last job because too stressful can easily mean yes but not at your last place of employment. The answer is no - the follow up of why is because it gets me too stressed to continue with needed daily activities.

    I hope it goes well for you and more UK specific answers are forthcoming.

  3. Butterfly

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    If you don't get any replies to this then pm Terry as I am pretty sure either she or her son has had to go through an ATOS medical.
  4. Ouroboros

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    thank you for replying, i understand what you mean ben, i will have to explain this also to the person coming with me as i am likely not to be able to speak at all....
  5. Cariad_Bach

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    I have a lot of experience with people who have had medical assessments by ATOS. I don't want to scare you but I do want to warn you. I work with people who have been to assessments and been refused DLA and/or ESA (whichever you are going for), despite having real and genuine issues.

    Ben's advice is good. If asked whether you can do something, do not say "yes if...." , do say "no, unless...." If you have physical difficulties and the nurse asks you to do something you cannot make sure you attempt it as far as you can and/or be really clear about the reasons you cannot - they are buggers for reporting "patient declined to try to crouch", for example, when the patient has had a knee replacement or something :/

    It is definitely good that you are taking someone with you - take them into the examination room aswell. If you still have time, you can request for the examination to be recorded too and this also makes a positive difference for the patient.

    I would suggest familiarising yourself with the points system before you attend. I can link you if you need, and help you to go through it. The PIP system, when it comes into place, will make it easier for those who have only mental health issues (at the detriment of physcial, but I won't get on my soapbox now). But, for now, we have to deal with the ones we have. Make sure you and your friend know how and where you qualify for the necessary points and relay that to the nurse.

    Finally, if (I could say when, but I'm still trying not to scare you - I know these things are nervewracking enough as it is) you are refused, appeal. Yes, definitely, for sure. I can help you through that aswell, but will go into it only if/when necessary.

    Good luck. Feel free to PM me for advice, support, more info or links etc.

    P.S. Depending on where you are, there may be a charity which will represent you and you can bring them in as advocates at any stage in the process, and they will usually attend a medical with you if they can. That might help you too. If you want to tell me where you are I could look into whether my company has a contact agency in your area,.
  6. Davekyn

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    Mental illness is so high here in ... as is the world over ... that one is require to ACT OUT DRASTICALLY in order to get any real attention. Prison or Suicide seems to be the preferred assessment here. STIGMA is huge all round both with the public and professionals. Doctors tend to be quite harsh and tick and flick automatically without really knowing the background too well. The human services do a rather pathetic job at keeping tabs on both client and the many other services employed to assist each other. I think the problem is simply a matter of too much feedeback in a system that can no longer cope with our so called evolution.

    I know many who act out every time an assessment comes around ... it's like clock work really. The whole welfare system is being run like an insurance agency in order to make sure only extremely severe cases get the financial support. It's dog eat dog with everyone clinging to their benefit like a gold mine ... people are now so reliant that many make themselves sick and sicker until they can get what security they can ... whilst many that are already fucked over are turned away due to being despised for their insanity which challenged the human race.

    Medical Assessments ... Tick and Flick with those that look down their glasses as if like Gods ... will signifigantly improve in 2 years ... YEA RIGHT ... how demeaning is that ... you don't even *&^%ing know me you *&&^%ing twat. The assumptions next to each box and collected information is as about organised and FIXED as an electronic voting system ... open to all sorts of manipulation and control ...

    I have thrown the forms back in their faces each time they THROW the forms at me ... like some kind of response ... we are sick of hearing your BS ... fill these forms out and see what happens.

    The process is not an easy one and plagued with all kinds of humiliation and deception to get such a break ... its why people fight tooth and nail to keep such a gold mine if they ever qualify ... often ending up much sicker than when they first started ... Much much Stigma from all sides.

    Best of luck with it.

    Currently I am not far from exploding in such places and will hopefully get the support of my "apparent" high needs Employment Case Manger to walk into such places with me ... as the last time I was Ridiculed Beyond Belief ... I fight with every ounce of sanity I can as I think right now ... not to rip the *&^%ers head off the next time I set eyes on him again ... BUT hey ... I'm kind of at that stage SHOOT ME ... set your dogs out ... They can't even get their Court assessments right let alone the medical ones that a judge would have done. It's like Triage just before the worlds goes Bang!

    I live in Australia ... where they KNOW not to give us guns!

    Good luck with your assessment.
  7. Terry

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    sent you a pm (well several due to computer being HAL, lol!)
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