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Medication and effects


Jay Jay from the UK
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okay so their are a million different types of medication on the market today that supports and treat mental health side effects but how many of us actually believe in the medication that we take?

I take 2mg a day of Fluanxol, its a old 1970's anti depressant and anti anxiety tablet, used mainly to treat people with BPD. I take 2 0.5mg tablets in the morning then 2 again in the evening, I try to space them 12 hours apart from each other, I have been on these tablets since 2011 and to be honest I have been really lucky as i have had no side effects since day one of taking these, they are quite a gentle tablet HOWEVER!! always a however with medication, when i was first prescribed this tablet my GP had his concerns as he was a mental health GP and advised me that he had written out a few death certificates for those on this medication as it can cause a bit of wonkyness and he needed to know that this was right choice of meds for me and touch wood I have been fine on them.

what i want to ask today is do you have days where your medication just dont want to work and it causes low mood etc?? for me when i have days where my medication dont work i become a emotional wreck and all i want to do is curl up and have a good cry and let it out. I get these days prob once a month and leads me to question weather my body has built up an intolerance and do i need to change tablets?

Its okay to take medication and its okay to have bad days whilst your on you are taking your medication please dont feel that because you take medication you have to be happy and full of beans every day, it just dont work like that and its still okay to hold your hands up and say that you need a hug or a cry or you just have low mood! its all fine!!


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Fluanxol is flupentixol in small doses it's used to treat depression, but it is am antipsychotic. I took high doses of flupentixol and it gave me akasthesia and dystonia as well as high prolactin levels.

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