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Medication withdrawal

So every med I have ever tried has made me even more suicidal....therefore I am now in discussion about getting off the 150 mg of sertraline that I have been on for over a year...anyone ever done a taper?


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I've tapered off several meds. Not that particular one. I had bad reactions to all but one medication at this one particular dose. We tried upping the dose, and that went horribly. Make sure you follow the plan you make with your doctor. It will go much better that way.


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I've tapered off many meds over the years, do it slowly and gradually and under the doctors guidance with check-ups in between and all should go smoothly but a word of caution; reduction in dosage of some meds may cause suicidal thoughts or self harm tendencies to resurface so do it as slowly as possible.

Best of luck. *hug

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