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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by maranature, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Hi, about 10 yrs ago I tried a couple of courses of meds at different times (paroxeteine and sertraline); the former made me feel nauseous and disabled me from performing in many activities - I couldn't exercise and it also inhibited sexual function. I'm aware of the negative press coverage of this drug and I was obviously right to demand of the Dr. that I take myself off it even though they wanted to keep poisoning me with it. The sertraline was less invasive and perhaps had some mild positive effects in the sense of being able to dissociate more easily, but I decided to take myself off it as I didn't feel it was really helping not to mention the fact that it was probably poisoning me too.

    My residing sense of dealing with the psychiatric NHS unit was mostly negative; poorly trained staff filling in on a job no one else wanted, nor the govt wanted to fund properly. After a couple of visits, I read between the lines and realised I'd be better off having nothing to do with them as they were exacerbating my condition and worsening my already low sense of self-esteem. Many of the doctors and nurses were not even British or European; given the socio-cultural aspect of psychology and psychiatry, one wonders what kind of joke the NHS administrators were playing here! I'm sure the East Asian Dr. I saw was convinced I should be lobotomised and sterilised immediately.

    Anyway, I've begun to observe my symptoms more and would determine that I have serious periods of anxiety and psychosis, which come in cycles. Whilst I understand the deep underlying problems causing these problems are very complex, and that there is no panacea, I'm just wondering what medication is available which could perhaps alleviate the symptoms. I am of course entertaining the idea that psychiatry has come on a bit in the last 10 yrs and so let's see. Thx in advance.
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    Yes there are new medications now that have very little side effects to them but we here are not professionals so for you to ask us for advice we cannot give ok
    Your doctor who has your medical and mental history is the best one to ask for advice ask about newer psychotic medication ok there are some good ones out there
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