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Menopause, Migraines and Bananas

Discussion in 'Life Changing or Long Term Physical Illness' started by Kira, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Weird title huh? I wasn't sure where to post so I guess this will do. It'll most likely just be a whiny rant so pay no mind.
    You know when you just feel sick day after day after day with the same crap? Yeah, that's me. I feel like complaining so better out than in, hey ;)

    So it's Summer here (well technically the start of Autumn but it's still hot) Heat is a massive trigger for me. It makes the hot flushes (flashes) worse. If you've ever had them, then you *know* what I'm talking about :( It's like a pool of lava that rises up through your body and it's like your blood is boiling... argh! I haven't had any night sweats yet and fingers crossed that I won't. There's massive sweating with the flashes anyway :( I take over the counter medication for it which helps a bit I guess. Not cheap though - $70 for 90 tablets!

    But today is not about the menopause, it's about the migraines :mad: Heat, heat, bloody heat! Go away already! I basically live indoors on the warm days to avoid my body overheating at all costs. I know my triggers too. I'm pretty good at avoiding the "don'ts".

    But then there are times when it just comes from seemingly nowhere. All is fine and dandy and then... boom! Pain and nausea. And I'm just left wondering "What the heck brought that on???"

    Wednesday night was going fine until just before bed and yes, you guessed it, boom! Nothing out of the ordinary. Some roast chicken for dinner followed by some popcorn and just before bed... a banana. So what? I've been eating them my whole life. I went to bed with a bucket and tried to sleep but it was a ripper.
    Thursday I didn't feel the best but nothing too bad. Now, this morning all was pretty good. I got a little peckish so I reached for a banana. It's just a banana after all. Wait... wait... BOOM! Pain, nausea, WTF??? Just like Wednesday night! One damn banana and I'm in a world of agony :(

    So now, no more bananas for me! Never again. No way. No how. Even if it was some weird coincidence, I'm not willing to take that chance.

    So goodbye and farewell my tasty banana friends. It's been nice eating you and you will be missed. You were a good friend for many years but our time is over...
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  2. Karmitkurmit

    Karmitkurmit King of the Hedge SF Supporter

    Hi Kira. I'm probably not the first person you'd expect to be replying to your post, unfortunatly I can't relate to any of what you're going through, so my presence here is about as odd as the thread title! o_O
    But I just wanted to say how incredible you are; even through all of that you still manage to put a humourous twist on your post and make me smile.

    I'm so sorry you're experiencing these symptoms; people like you just deserve the best in life, but your strength and humour is inspirational. You put my problems into perspective. I wish I could empathise with what you're going through, or take it away, but i'm afraid the best I can do is send the biggest {{{hedgehugs}}} your way.

    My thoughts will be with you whilst you mourn the passing of your bananas. x
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  3. gypsylee

    gypsylee SF Supporter

    OMG can I just tack my rant on here, @Kira? I think I’m perimenopausal..

    But the noise here is making me want to kill people! I need {{{hedgehugs}}} ahahahaha *insane laughter*.

    Ok not much of a rant but please just SHUT THE F#CK UP ALREADY.

    Men and trucks :mad: Men just never stop making noise with their damn machines!
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  4. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Oh please, rant away! :D It's very therapeutic. Sounds like you have some noisy neighbours... I'm ultra noise sensitive so I can sympathize.

    Thanks for your lovely words @Karmitkurmit :) There's not much else to do when you feel sick so writing about it is a good distraction I guess. The title is quite impressive isn't it? Lol. And I'd love some of your special hedgehugs too! :p ox
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  5. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    I don't belong here either but since we're complaining about BANANAS AND MIGRAINES in one thread I feel like I can come hang out. I can't eat bananas because although I ate them for some 30 years they suddenly started making me ferociously ill as soon as I ate them so I had to nix them as well. And I've had migraines since I splatted out of my mother onto the floor. For real, like since I was a toddler I've had them so I feel you there too. So I'm just gonna sit here and act like I was meant to be here. ThanksIllhaveadrinktoo.
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  6. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Well two outta three ain't bad huh @walkerbait95 ?? Like seriously, I LOVED bananas :( I needed them :( They were my meal-on-the-go... :( Just when I think I've got my triggers worked out... yes, BOOM! So I'm 42 and suddenly bananas are now a no-no o_O I think I need a food diary for any potential new triggers - 'cause like, I've *really* got time for that. :/ :/ :/

    I was sooo flippin' sick today that I went to the doctor's for any kind of pain relief that wasn't codeine based. Apprently there's not much (here in AUS anyway) He did send me off for a steroid injection though. My blood tests show that I've got alot of inflammation so I guess that's why he gave it to me. I bloody hope it works! I'm getting another blood test in a few days (plus a CT SCAN of my brain o_O) so hopefully the inflammation will drop. Fingers crossed. I think he's doing the CT SCAN just to check that my brain is still there!!! You never know... :cool:

    Bye bye bananas :(
  7. Ash600

    Ash600 SF Creative SF Supporter

    Hey Kira, couldn't help but not notice your post. Been looking into this and certainly is a bit of a strange one with the bananas. For one, it contains vit B6 which can help to produce serotonin so for some people it has been reported that it can actually help to alleviate migraines.
    However, it also contains tyramine which can be a trigger for migraines. It's formed by the breakdown of proteins, so I'd assume that due to the excessive heat you've been suffering from, the high temperatures has caused a greater breakdown and so possibly increased the levels of tyramine leading to a fucker of a migraine.

    Anyhow, I found this and may prove useful:

  8. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Thanks for the link @Ash600 :) I've downloaded it and had a look through. Some of the things I was aware of but others were a bit surprising. I think it would be easier to have a what you *can* eat list! Lol.

    I read about the tyramine which is mainly in the peel I believe.

    I think the steroid injection may take some time to work. I had it exactly 12hrs ago. I was feeling better when I had it and then I went home. Within 1 hr, it was back :mad: Not a migraine but a ridiculous headache and nausea. I've tried to sleep but I'm in too much pain. It's almost 4am and I'm *never* up this late! I'm going back to the doctor's when they open this morning and just have to get this under control.

    I'm a little bit concerned about the CT scan. He didn't say what he wanted to check for but I'm not naive. I'm very grateful that he's making sure that there isn't anything serious. Majority of doctor's can't be bothered. I did have to wait for almost 90 minutes to see him (not happy when you wanna puke!) but he's popular because he's so good.

    Anyway, the head's the best it's been for a while even though it's almost 4am. I'll take it! Thanks again @Ash600 :) (I know you're still reading my drivel ;)) Lol! You're a very good man and an amazing friend too! ox
  9. Ash600

    Ash600 SF Creative SF Supporter

    It's not drivel, otherwise why would I read it?;)
    Steroid injections can take awhile to properly kick in so it is a case being patient. (A patience patient!)
    On first thought, I would be concerned about the CT scan myself. But yeah, you're right you're doctor is good as he's being thorough and showing dilligence. Few doctors are like that, so its good you've got one batting for your side.
    This actually reminds me of an incident years back when one of the local doctors was treating one of his patients for headaches as well. After prescribing painkillers, later on he decided he wanted to arrange for the patient to go for a scan ASAP. Howeer he couldn't contact the patient by phone (he actually came in on his day off on a Saturday to do this!!) Anyhow, as a last resort, he actually contacted the police to send an officer to his house to give him the referral form for the hospital scan. So I suppose you can imagine the reaction: Saturday night and there's a police officer knocking on your door with a referral form from your doctor for a scan:eek: Bit of an overeaction by the doc, but nonetheless, good to have someone looking out for ya!

    Anyhow, wish you well my friend.
  10. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Shit!!! If that happened to me I'd be telling the police to drive me to the flippin' hospital asap! There's diligence and then there's paranoia OTT! Mind you, if there *was* something nasty on the scan, then I think that doctor would become your new best friend :D I'm not ready to leave this place just yet... I just want it to be as comfortable as possible. Contentment is bliss and all I'm looking for at the end of the day really. :)

    One of my other favourite doctors at that same clinic had to so back home to the UK as his father suddenly became ill. He left in late February last year and said he'd probably be gone for a year or so. I assume that his dad isn't around anymore so it was a good decision to go back and spend some time with him :) I always keep an eye out for him. I hope he's well wherever he is regardless.

    Crap! Getting mushy about my old doc! Lol... I am a liiiitle bit sleep deprived o_O

    Edit: a liiiitle bit! Oh dear...
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
  11. Ash600

    Ash600 SF Creative SF Supporter

    Slight understatement that this doc does go OTT at times. He's got form for it. But when it comes to clinical knowledge, this guy is shit hot:cool: This is the doc who correctly diagnosed me with gallstones in under a minute, whereas my usual doc first missed it around 5 yrs previously and thought incorrectly I may have pleurisy the second time around.
  12. Angel368

    Angel368 Well-Known Member

    Hi Kira,

    I hate bananas, so can't relate. But I am perimenopausal, and last summer, I was sweating profusely all day and night. I put it down to my venlafaxine. I came off that in November, and the sweating has been ten times better. Its winter here now, so i'll see how I manage when the warmer weather arrives again. I noticed that I like my place colder than the kids do, so I gave them electric heaters for their rooms. Ive been wearing sleeveless shirts and light jackets during the cold weather at times.

    Apparently vegan diets can help with menopause but I'm not willing to sacrifice my favourite foods yet. There's a book called 'The Mood Cure' that discusses which foods can improve your mood and symptoms .
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  13. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Your house and wardrobe sound the same as mine! My son has a column heater in his room for winter as I barely have the heater on. When he sits with me in the lounge room with the air con on, he wears long pants and sometimes grabs a jacket! Lol. And if I had a dollar for everytime some says "Aren't you cold??" in Winter, well, you know! I live in either sleeveless tops or short sleeves. Crop pants and rarely have any long sleeve tops in winter. But then again, it doesn't get too cold in Melbourne compared to other countries.

    I'm technically perimenopausal like you but the title didn't flow as well! I'm glad you were able to reduce your symptoms by changing your meds too! Thanks for the tip on the book. I could never give up meat. I mean, I could *try* but I just enjoy it so much!

    Thanks for stopping by too. I hope you are travelling well :) ox
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  14. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Yeah, that's not good (I think he got his license in a cereal packet!!) o_O I saw a new doctor a few years back. I was in terrible pain in my abdomen. I lay on the bed and he pressed around my stomach a little. He then proceed to tell me that I had appendicitis and had to go straight to the hospital and have surgery!! I was freaking out! I'm saying, "but my son's at school and I need to get someone to pick him up!" He tells me to take a urine sample which I did. Someone put a swab into it and it turned out that I was constipated!!! Nevermind the fact that I had NO pain on my right side! Needless to say, I never saw him again!! Lol.

    Oh, the misdiagnosis stories...
  15. Ash600

    Ash600 SF Creative SF Supporter

    Reminds of the time I had a respiratory tract infection that was quite persistent. Eventually my doc decided to send me for some blood tests. For some reason he had written urinary tract infection on the possible diagnosis section on the referral form. Honestly Kira, I was not doing any handstands when he was examining me:p And...it gets better, I was on the antibiotic Septrin at the time, and was put onto the higher strength for a further week. Whilst at work I recieved a medication alert letter from what was then the Medicines Control Agency detailing that Septrin was to be withdrawn with immediate effect and only to be used in specialised cases. The reason? - because of a little side effect they found, it could cause fatalities.

    As a thought, should we write a book together about these mishaps?:p
  16. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Oh seriously, that's just wrong in sooo many ways!! I definitely think a book would be a best seller! The title of this thread is the title of my midlife crisis book! It's all in the title my friend ;)
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  17. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    There's a Chinese herbal patent formula (a standard pre-made herbal formula, usually made into pills) that is typically used for treating hot flashes and night sweats. Might help with the migraines, and some other things too.

    In the US, it can be ordered on Amazon for about $14 US for 200 pills, $35 for 1000, of one of the most reliable brands. Not sure about availability outside of the US.

    I think the dosage is about 8 pills at a time, but still, it could be more effective, and certainly cheaper than the OTC pills you are taking now (I'd be curious to know what's in them).

    I can say more if you are interested. I may also be able to offer some other recommendations if you would like

    Certainly, seeing an acupuncturist or TCM herbalist would be better, but if that's not available, or too expensive, ordering the pills may be worth a try

    Who would have guessed that I would recommend Chinese medicine? Seriously, I'm probably even more sick of recommending it than most people are of seeing me recommend it. I keep doing it though since I think it can actually help.