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Mental Health Advocate


Jay Jay from the UK
SF Pro
I put my hand up and accept that I have questioned the motives of the bandwagon Mental Health Advocates on all social media platforms

I accept that I do not do enough myself and it is right to call myself out.

I speak up every day, I post almost every day and in the past I have advocated for Mental Health at the highest level.

I want to do more, I aim to do more and will do more.

It pains me to think that there are people out there who are sitting in silence, who do not have the correct support and that they are turned away by Mental Health Services (in the UK)

However, I am one person tackling a huge issue and that has limitations whilst I also manage my own mental ill health.

What I can say is that my passion is not once a year or the odd post, as mental ill health is not once a year and suicide is not once a year, it is every day.

I continue to do what is within my power and capabilities.

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