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mental health and Christmas


Jay Jay from the UK
SF Pro
We are now in the "holly Jolly" season BUT for some its not so holly or jolly, this time of year we see an increase in suicide in both male and female, the worry of buying presents and gifts when you have no money is worrying for many especially heightened by covid and a lot of people all across the world falling out of work or having a major decrease in salary. this time of year may be fun for many but worrying also for many more.

we also see homeless on the streets as were out doing our Christmas shopping and having a good time at Christmas markets and eating and being merry remember many are on the streets and will be just trying to survive anouther night, if you can spare a couple of pounds then please donate it to the homeless so they can have a hot drink or something to eat on Christmas day! not all spend money on drugs and booze!

Christmas can be a lonely awful time for some if they have lost a loved one or missing family and not able to be with family and are on their own.

Please spare a thought through this festive period for those that are suffering this year or not as foutunate as you and I. I am not trying to put a dampner on your spirits but I fight for a better life, a better world for many that suffer and will continue to do so...

happy blessings to you all.



Jay Jay from the UK
SF Pro
for anyone in the UK that are feeling lost or alone this year, dont be, if your frightened for your health please please reach out!!


these people are here 24/7 and here to listen to you! and support you in times of trouble, need and despair!

I have spoken to them a couple of times!! they are lovely people!!

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