Mom, RIP

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    I didn't want to post this here because you hated this place. You didn't want me to come on here but I need to write this here because I don't have any other anonymous place like this. I don't want sympathy or anything like that. Mom, it's been two weeks and one day since I found out are gone. I felt angry that you left so early, that you don't have to suffer while I have to stay here; very sad that I will never get to hug you again, talk to you, laugh with you at random stuff that no one else gets. But above all, guilty. I'm so sorry mom. I know I didn't directly cause this but I will never forget what you said to me. On Friday it hit me so bad I couldn't stay in the same room as Wojtek or Mateusz because I felt like it was my fault. That their suffering was because of me. Same later that evening. I guess I will never fully explain it to anyone. Because it's too late. Because there is no point now. Because no one would really understand. I should have listened to you. I'm so sorry I didn't. But I guess you would want me to stay alive. You used to tell me that all that matters is that I'm happy. But that seems so hard now. During these two weeks I wanted to pick up the phone so many times and call you or text you but then I remember I can never do that again. It hurts so bad. I did feel angry but I don't blame you. I know some people do but I don't. I'm so confused right now about some stuff. I would give everything to talk to you one last time. Mom, I will never forget you. Love you.
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    Been wondering how you were holding up.
    ((((gentle hugs))))
    may not talk much lately, but you are in my thoughts and heart.
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    I also lost my mom many years ago and it still hurts. I feel your pain.
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    i'm sorry to hear about mom

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    I feel your pain and your grief, i am so sorry for losing her so soon, i lost my mom also.
  6. A mothers love is a deep thing to mourn. Especially when her presence is no longer available. It is difficult to bear the loss of a mother, it reflects back to all of the things that a mother was helpful for. And now that she is gone, you won't be able to call or text her, to hear the words that she loves you anymore. Neither will you enjoy the presence of her being around you. But your mother is still within you, it's time to process the deepest pains of your recent loss, understand the grateful feeling of having such a wonderful person in your life to begin with, and move through the process of grief, safely, surely, and supportive. The world can become a dark place this I and a number of people on this site can agree. It always will sting when we lose our loved ones, and I remember when I lost my foster mother, it felt my whole world was over. There's so many questions that can not be answered, so many feelings that words can not even describe, and moments that one has to cherish. It's difficult to feel this I know, especially the young duration you are experiencing. You are among friends here, and whereever you go or whatever you do outside of this forum, try to embrace the better things, and follow the lessons that your mother taught you. To honor her, because she has not forgotten about you.