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  1. forever_scarred

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    Happy Birthday Mom... *cries* I miss you sooo much
  2. 41021

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    (((holds you close)))

    You are in my thoughts Kiddo, and holding you very close to my heart today (((gentle hugs))).
    I hope you are able to do something special today, to remember your mom and how very much she loved/loves you.
    Even something as simple as talking to others, and sharing her with them. Maybe there is something else you could do as well, to honor her and to help you feel and recall, a bit of the love she always showed you.

    I love you Kiddo.
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  3. Sadeyes

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    I am so sorry for your loss...I know how hard it has been for you, but I am also sure that your mother would have wanted you to have the love she had shown you...please keep posting and know there are ppl here who care
  4. jxdama

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    we love you here. my parents died 10 days apart back in 1991.
  5. 41021

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  6. total eclipse

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    Sorry to hun you are so sad hugs toyou
  7. Petal

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    :hug: wish I could give you a 'real life' hug but unfortunatly that's not possible. I am so sorry for your loss.