more loss... relapse?

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    Well im not any better off other than getting rid of the people who annoy me and surrounding myself with who i thought were more understanding people, now my new best friend has just me that she no longer wants to be my friend with the explanation of - i cant be arsed to explain. So 2 days after being curled up in bed i was all prepared to phone the doctor up so turned my phone on to find a txt from her that had been sent at 2am saying im all yours tommorow x so called her up for her to pretty much say that txt wasnt for you before hanging up on me.

    I'm posting this before i go out to spend new years with people who dont have a clue how crazy i am the only reason im going out is my 2 friends off this site said the alcohol will make me forget im unhappy... forgetting doesnt solve the problem i would rather deal with it than delay it.