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    It's been almost one month. Didn't realized 'till my grandmother told me, yesterday.
    On April, 8th, my grandfather passed away. He suffered a lot before going - he had cancer and alzheimer. He spent his last days trapped on a bed, unable to do anything by himself.
    His death didn't meant sadness to me - it meant relief. I suffered a lot seeing my old man, the one I loved and cared the most, when he was sick and unable to even breathe by himself. Sure, I didn't wanted him to go away, but... The way things were for him, it was the best. There was nothing no one could do for him anymore, and now he is finally resting.
    Since I was a little kid, he was my only true friend on the "real life". He teached me a lot of things. He gave me many books and magazines, he teached me to love and protect nature, he teached me to be kind and respectful, he gave me the first english classes of my life, and we would walk at night talking about literally anything in the world. When I said I wanted to be a musician, he paid my music classes. He knew how much I loved cars, and he gave me a subscription of a auto magazine for almost 10 years.
    My grandfather was the man. He, who was also my father, my brother, my best friend, and on his last days, my son.
    May he rest in peace by God's side.
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    Souncide, I'm sorry for your loss of such a beloved and caring man. May he rest in peace. I'm thinking of you, Souncide. :hug:
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    Hugs to you hun sorry for the loss of your grandfather may he rest in peace
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    wonder what took them so long in telling you...