my guinea pig died in my arms :(

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by morning rush, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. morning rush

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    he stopped eating, drinking, pooping and peeing. And then he died in my arms during the night. Seeing his life ooze out of his little body keeps playing in my head. I'm heartbroken. He was old, 9 and a half years. He lived a long and healthy life but I am so sad and I keep thinking of him everytime. I look at his cage and expect him to be there. Also I keep hearing movement, like he's moving in the cage. I loved him so much. At least he didn't die in the cage alone.
  2. Unknown_111

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    I'm sorry your for loss. It sad when you loss a pet animal as they there is so much attachment with pets as well as humans. I think it will take time to get over your beautiful pet animal. Take care
  3. Twocky61

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    :hug: :hug: :hug:

    You do have the comfort your Guinea Pig died in your arms Morning Rush so he was not alone when he died & he probably felt comforted being with you & not alone in his cage

    He must also have known how much you loved him & appreciated the happy home you gave him for those nine & a half years he was with you

    So try to remember the good times you & he shared together Morning Rush

  4. total eclipse

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    Hugs to you
  5. True-Lee

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    I am truly sorry for your loss, I have a Love for animals, an especial affinity for cats but guinea pigs were something I had during my school years. They are a funny and enigmatic creature with their special whistle. I realize that it is hard now but try and remember the good times, the special things he did, Those little creatures are only here for a small part of our lives but they fill in the needed empty places in time of special need. It is well that you were there for the end, I believe as they are a comfort to Us, I am sure you were a comfort to him. Animals are aware of so much more then we realize. He is at rest. I wish you Peace with his Passing.
  6. WildCherry

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    I'm really sorry for your loss. :hug:
  7. Terry

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    I love guineas and managed to have one for 13 years, which the vet said was ancient for a guinea.
    I know he left a huge hole and it was a long time before I could face getting another one.
    Your guinea had a lovely home and a loving owner, remember that and all the good times, when you feel low over the loss. :hug:
  8. welplayed

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    I feel you, i lost my pet not even a week ago and still can't help but cry everytime i see pictures of him or remember the happy times with him.
  9. Shadowlands

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    Sorry for your loss :hug:
  10. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    thank you everyone :)

    I'm still sad and think of him all the time, I actually hear some movements he used to do, but my mom says it's normal because I was sort of traumatized by his death. I miss him terribly but I do try to remember good times. We had a lot of them.

    welplayed: I am sorry for your loss, like you, I do get sad when I see pictures and other things.

    I dont think I'll get another pet for a while. It was really a heartbreak I didn't expect so soon.
  11. Petal

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    Sorry for your loss hun, hugs to you :)
  12. MisterBGone

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    May he rest in peace... I'm truly sorry to hear of this news, morning rush. I'll be thinking of you and try to take it easy!