My Love for Sci-Fi and the Super 8 Movie

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I've been wanting to write about this for the longest time. My love for the Super 8 movie that came out in ((2011)) The minute I saw the trailer I believe I started tearing up because it brought back my inner child. I grew up with movies like this: The Goonies, The Monster Squad, E.T., and recently Stranger Things came out. I've always loved movies and I don't care if I sound like a dork for saying this either. I love movies like this so much! Especially involving kids and friendship or horror movies. It warms my heart, makes me laugh, makes my childhood memories memorable and brings tears to my eyes. Joe Lamb and his friends are trying to finish a movie they've been trying to work on for quite awhile involving "The Living Dead" and his friend wants to enter into the film festival. Something I've been wanting to do for the longest time and something I want to accomplish in life. I love sci-fi and horror films. Been loving them my entire life since I was eight years old. Remember watching The X-Files when I was younger and since then I've always loved sci-fi and movies that had to do with aliens or horror movies that gave me the creeps. I remember watching "The Fire In The Sky" and I couldn't get to sleep at night because I was terrified by that movie.

The Exorcist didn't make me have nightmares. The Fire In The Sky gave me nightmares and my brothers still remember me sleeping in their room and looking out the window. My mother and father always continue to tell me to stop watching things that creep me out. Now it seems as if I can watch horror movies with no problem. However I do take a break from it and watch other things because I love all type of different genre's. Super 8 though warms my heart and has always made me smile. I remember walking out of the theater and wanting to see it again the minute I walked out. A few people watched the entire credits and I was one of them. Kids got up from their seats and said to their mother, "Mom! That movie was awesome!" It took me back and made me remember when I saw E.T. for the very first time and how magical it was for me. Elliot's character was amazing and I had the biggest crush on him. He actually starred in "The Fire In The Sky" and I pointed him out to my brother the minute I saw him. He was older and even more attractive! "OMG! It's freaking ELLIOTT! OMG! OMG!" My brother laughed at me so hard and called me a dork. I swear I fell in love with his character. Always imagined myself playing in E.T. and playing one of his friends and hiding the alien from everyone with him. Anytime I get a chance I'm always buying something Sci-Fi related or watching some type of weird TV show or movie.

I love Super 8 and movies that warm my heart. If a movie warms your heart or puts a smile across your face, than I consider that a good movie. Everyone likes different taste of movies. I enjoy so many different types of genre's it's insane. I'm a movie buff, I love indie films, I love anime, I love horror and sci-fi movies, I love super hero movies and so much more! Sometimes I have a huge habit sharing quotes on my Facebook wall and I'm sure people have caught onto that who have added me on there. I love movies and acting in general. In High School I helped my drama class and was in a few skits when each High School in our area all got together and performed different skits on the stage. We even did our own version of Improv and "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" I remember getting up on stage and I had to use a rock as a brush along with another girl who was called to the stage. I told her my idea and she suggested hers. We both worked together as a team to make it seem real. Once I had to do my skit, I remember my heart beating so fast behind the stage and my hands were shaking because I didn't want to mess up. My friends all told me I would do fine and in the end they were right. Watched E.T. and Super 8 not to long ago and it made me come to a realization how much I love Sci-Fi. Believe strangely underneath I'm a Sci-Fi nerd. All thanks to E.T. and my love for Elliott. Haha!! At night sometimes right before I go to bed I listen to Creepypasta's or some other creepy stories. Just recently started writing my own, writing poetry once again and allowing my creativity to come back and I couldn't be happier. I love creepy things. I love Sci-Fi and I believe I always will. The minute I saw the trailer for Super 8 I knew I had to see it the minute it came to theaters. I especially loved how Alice's father told Joe Lamb: "I saw something.... Nobody believes me." Joe Lamb: "I believe you."

I loved how the kids in the movie was trying to create their own movie while this alien was on the loose. It reminded me so much of myself in so many ways. I relate to movies so much and I find it pretty crazy. Joe Lamb reminds of Elliott in so many ways. There's a comparison to E.T. and Super 8; Especially with the movie score.

Joe's Father: "I've got nothing against your friends. I like your friends. Except for Cary who can't seem to stop lighting things on fire."

Joe Lamb: "I know bad things happen. Bad things happen. But you can still live. You can still live."

This movie seriously warmed my heart this summer and brought back my happiness. :)

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