My love.

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    Olivia you're my everything, the light that always shines, my potion that cures everything.

    I can understand how hard it can be after everything that happend, what I did was wrong, I should have seen that it was so hard and that you really tried.
    But instead I acted bad towards you.
    Sorry that I acted like an ass, I should have tried to understand you.
    Not asking why you ask it but just anwser it.

    I felt so proud when we watched a movie and you placed a pillow on my lap and a blanket over you and watched the movie together.
    It was so nice to see you asleep, knowing that you felt safe and warm while you where with me.
    And then when you woke up again you looked at me and smiled.
    It made me so proud and happy.
    There are so many more moments with you that where so perfect.
    Like everytime when we met in London, its so perfect.

    Please give me another try, I want us back so badly.
    I'll support you with anything without asking, so please.
    Please be my Olivia again, my angel, my love.
    And we still have to eat a watermelon together at the beach. (you know why)

    With lots of love,
    (Your) Raymond
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    Hey Jehuty,
    Just thought I would respond... I wish you luck and hope you can work things out.. Take care!!
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    You sound like a great guy. I'm sure your Olivia will come back. Just be patient. I wish you all the best of luck. *arms*