My parents are getting on my nerves!

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    It's Serina, jammin it out at umgd with my band and lately my parents have been really stressing me out. like the other day, my mom was asking me, "What are you going to do with the rest of your life?" i keep tellin' her that i really love music, but she just doesn't understand. i told her that i'm thinking bout going to Canton Jones's Hope Nation tour which i learned bout through his in a couple of weeks when he comes out here coz he's in the South rite now so it's gonna be a while till he comes out to LA, but then she started goin on and on about how i'm not gonna amount to anything if i choose music, but she doesnt understand that i live for music. it's like breathing. it's my everything. how am I going to convince her that she needs to let me lead my own life and let me go to Canton Jones's Hope Nation tour?
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    Hey there,

    Maybe your mother is just concerned about you.. she might know that music business is hard and that it can be really difficult to make a living out of that. Like many parents she might rather see you doing music as a hobby next to some 'proper' job. I'm not saying music can't be a proper job, because it can most definitely be a full-time job you could make a living out of, but it's really hard to get there.
    That doesn't mean your mother shouldn't support you in your dreams. If this is what you really want, I think she should at least be a bit supportive.
    Maybe you can compromise with her? Find something other than music that you could make a living out of, and tell her that for now, you'll do the music as a hobby next to some education, but in the future you're hoping to be able to go for music full-time? Perhaps then she'll let you go..
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    You should show of that You can make it in the working world for like 6 months, or a year, as like a part- time job or otherwise, and then clearly explain to her, although you've seen I can do this job, I still Really want to pursue music no matter what the cost.

    Then if she dosent respect that decision you can do whatever you want, but if you show that you could survive in a working enviroment, it will show her that if music was too hard you could easily turn to something else.