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My sister. (Long post)

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by dvnj22, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    My sister and I are very close, but she gets on my nerves so bad. She also puts me down a lot. She can be very nice, but she is also ver cold and selfish at times. Today she kept nagging me about little things like locking myself out of the house, I'm 22 years old! And I told her "stop trying to be my mother" she replied, "but your kind of a retard."

    She also doesn't take responsibility. My mother left my father, so it's just my sister, my father, and I. so carpooling is a little difficult. So my dad wants her to get a job before me because she's older (25), then she can buy a car, and the he said he we can work on helping me get a job, etc. however my sister refuses to get a job out of her field - graphic design. But my dad and I both told her that the way the economy is your going to have to take what you can get, then later you can get the job you really want.

    My dad has talked to her on multiple occasions, but she just blows it off. Even my oldest sister (30) has told her same thing, take what you can get, buy a car, then get the job you really want, sometimes that's how it goes. She also brought a cat home, refuses to take car of it and makes me take care of it, sigh..... I love my sister so much, and I desperately want to please her, sometimes i feel like her slave, i do the laundry, and cook... she sleeps in to 2-3 pm everyday. she also puts me down a lot, makes feel like a fool, but then builds me back up, just to tear me down. I know I have my personality problems like everyone else, but I can't recall ever doing things she does or says to me. I suspect she has something medically wrong with her, I know she has depression, but I think there something else, my father is trying to get her to go to the dr., To find out if she is sick or just being lazy, but once again my sister won't do it.

    Right now she is happy with the way things are, she know my dad wants her to get a job first, and that my dad won't let me get a job until she does (I can't drive my dads car because its a company car, and the only car we have, so I have to rely on him for rides. I would take the bus, but.... I need money for that and my dad said he won't pay for my bus ticket, he told me just be patient, your only 22, Ill figure something out.)

    I hate it so much, because so much is out of my control, I'm tired of being patient.
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