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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by fam6236, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. fam6236

    fam6236 Member

    I have taken quite a few medications over the past year. I am now taking 225 mg of Effexor and 2.5 mg of Risperidone. Thing is I do not know if anti-depressants are working for me. I must need something though. I always have issues with worrying, severe anxiety and nervousness. Anyone have any better recommendations for these symptoms?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    no hun we cannot give you any recommendations as we do not know your medical history ONly your gp can do that your doctor ok or your pdoc can do that each person is different
    Call your doc ok talk to him about depressants ok
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    As total eclipse says, this is something that you need to discuss with your doctor.
  4. PeterFromUK

    PeterFromUK Member

    Hi fam
    I took Citalopram for 2 years. for the first year it worked well. One psychiatrist said to me that psychotherapy and medication together are giving 70% of chance of full recovery. In my case, going to work helps me. It's hard to get up, but when Im in the bus Im happy I will be busy. when u busy you forget. And you need 1 month before medication start working.
  5. fam6236

    fam6236 Member

    Peter already tried many side effects for me. I agree with the keeping busy part though. That is a whole other issue I am dealing with. However it has to be something you kind of enjoy when it comes to work.
  6. Kranman

    Kranman New Member

    Working out and eating healthy can do a lot for you to but for anything else you probably want to talk to a doctor
  7. Teerak

    Teerak Member

    What do we do when we are major depressive and CANT stay out of bed everyday. Im sick of it, i have just gotten worse and worse. No sleep at night, no sleep when I lay in bed in day. Chronic fatigue, depression and severe anxiety disorder. Meds havent worked, checked thyroid with full panel test, CBT etc. It feels like I am mentally and physically paralyzed. I am going in for growth hormone deficiency testing in March. Sorry to hi-jack thread, I hope you can find something that works well for you, SSRI's dont work for me nothing has. Good Luck to everyone...
  8. fam6236

    fam6236 Member

    Teerak please keep me posted on how you you make out with all your test. Sounds like me and you are in the same boat.
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