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Negative Voices

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Has anyone else here ever battled with negative voices consuming their mind and affecting them in general? I'm battling with negative voices and I feel like they're slowly killing me. I'm getting sick of hearing them everyday in my head. Whenever I'm out with people I'll hear in my head "What are you doing? You're to ugly and pathetic to be waltzing around happy". I try to ignore them but I can't. I just can't. I wish there was something that could get rid of them cause I sure as hell can't. I'm tired of being absent minded & gloomy all the time. I can't even think clearly. I'm so tempted to just grab a gun and shoot myself in the head to shut the negative voices up to where I don't have to hear them in my head anymore.
Sorry if I sound like a psycho or an idiot to someone reading.. I've been bottling this secret of mine up for a while now and just had to let it out here. :cry:
Whenever I try to tell others in real life, they tell me I'm just being a sorry ass wimp and to suck it up. I WISH IT WAS THAT FRIGGEN' EASY BUT ITS NOT! I don't know why its so hard. They're just voices. Perhaps I am just pathetic...


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i didn't know this was a secret in the depressed world. i have the exact same voices in my head. it's my own voice, telling me that i'm a horrible person and that i don't deserve my family. they deserve much better than me. etc etc. the voices are difficult to stop. it's almost like being schizophrenic, but not, cuz the voice is my own freaking voice in my own freaking head.

there's that song by pink. "perfect"...the lyrics at one point say "change the voices in your head. make them like you instead"

you're not crazy. and you're not pathetic. it isn't easy to make them stop. nobody around me really knows about my depression b/c i am damn good at hiding it, but today, the voices were winning the battle, and i was having a LOT of trouble hiding it. so much so that i went to bed at 9 pm, about 4 hours earlier than normal (and i've been hiding here ever since).

you're not alone. the other people in real life that you have told this secret to probably don't have this god forsaken disease. they can't possibly understand.

i haven't really found a trick to this yet. my t made me start cutting off my suicidal thoughts when they started, instead of letting myself fantasize about it. it helps me get through the day. idk if that would work with the voices. the voices are much harder to control than the suicidal fantasies. idk why tho. probably b/c they aren't fantasies. they're how i think about myself. blah.

idk if this is helping. sorry. but hope you are okay. and hope you know that you are not alone. not at all. i feel like i could have started your thread.



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Thanks :hug:. Glad I'm not the only one.
Its been a secret in my world. I've always felt so ashamed of them cause I can't control them. I also agree with you on the fact that they seem harder to control than suicide fantasies. Only issue with that at times though is that they sometimes cause my suicide fantasies cause I want them to shut up. I've forgotten what it feels like to not have a single negative voice in your head. It must be pretty nice.. Sure wish I could feel that good again without giving myself a migrane trying to ignore the negativity.


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yeah. my voices trigger the suicide fantasies. much easier to shut down the fantasies. but haven't found a way to fix the voices. i hope one day we can figure this out. if you do find a way, let me know. and i'll do the same...deal?
I have the same problem. Whenever something good happens the negative voices tell me what the REAL truth is...that I am pathetic, worthless, and not worthy of anyone's time or attention. I have a negative response for everything. I think the worst part is when I become convinced that the negative voice inside of me IS me, that I am not a good person and that I never will be. Those are the toughest feelings to handle. It helps to write this down. It makes me see in black and white that the negativity is a thought process, a symptom. It is not who I am.


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Thats exactly how I am.. The negative voices are me since they're in my head yet they're not me at the same time cause I don't want to listen to them. Its so aggravating going through each and everyday not knowing what kind of person you are.
For some people their brain has a dysfunction that causes voices other than their own.

I am unclear if you have a brain dysfunction or you have your own negative talk.

My 25 yr old son has a serious mental illness. He has been on court ordered treatment for 4 years in the last 5 years. He currently thinks I am out to harm him, and my inability to help him is causing more pain than I can bare any longer.

People have brain dysfunctions that cause strange behaviors/thoughts. Just like people cannot help it if they have a bad heart, people cannot help it that their brain does not fire correctly. Referring to them as 'psycho' is wrong, and hurts those that love them deeply.

If the voices you hear are separate from yourself you might want to consider treatment; there is medication to stop the voices.

If you use negative talk, that is in your control to change.

Which ever it is, I am very sorry for your pain. I know what it feels like to think you should not be out with others because you have not value. I feel that way most of the time.

Take care.


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A lot of people that I tell this to say its me but it doesn't feel like me. If it was me I could possibly change it more easily. The negative voices I hear not only put me down but they tell me to put others down and do bad things as well at times. I usually fight those kinds of voices but here lately I've been letting them get the best of me and I've hurt a couple of peoples feelings. :sad:
Its as if the voices are a person of their own camping out in my head.


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I don't think I've ever really had any problems with voices in my head. I just tend to get general "vibes", or feelings. I usually try to hold on till the next day because my memory gets wiped once I go to sleep.

Have you told anyone about this? There would be meds to help control this kind of stuff but they come with side effects(basically look at the anti-depressants and thats probly some of the side effects).


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I've told my mom and best friend. I had also told my mom not to tell anyone else yet she went and told my step dad and her friends anyways so therefore they're all saying "Shes doing it for attention! Thats all her doing!". :dry:
I'm scared to get doctors or counselors involved cause I don't want to risk of being put through a ton of shizz.
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