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I have always been negative about myself in terms of feeling ugly or fat or anything it is hard to love myself after being raped so many fucking times but i wanted to post to try to see if i can feel better :) if you dont like bones then id skip cus ive had a eating disorder aka my fault for starving myself and only recently am i finding the guts to get better to look after myself
I fight with myself if i want to get better or do i want to suffer as all my life all i have done is suffer i get nope support even when i reached out i try to make myself feel better and i try to overcome being nicknamed 'you got raped'by my dad.
I am fighting and it will take a very long tricky dirt track to get back to a normal size and to feel like i can love myself within my own body. I don't hate my body just feel traumitised from all the abuse which lead to a eating disorder which really fucked my life up
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