Neighbour likely MPD. Advice needed

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Moon_Penguin, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. Moon_Penguin

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    So I have this neighbour who I always thought was a psychopath. Constantly shouting at someone, threatening to kill them. It was pretty worrying. But this morning the other person was shouting loud enough for me to hear. It was him, but him as a child? I am 90% certain he has multiple personalities disorder (MPD).
    I have heard 3 different voices come from him in an hour. One is a child, sounds very mischievous, likes to play hide and seek. Another sounds like hes from the cast of eastenders, he didn't say much though. This last one is the one that worried me. Its a very angry man, he keeps shouting at the child and trying to hurt him. The kid thinks its all just a game is is playing hide and seek with the angry man (which is easier said than done when they share a body) but the man is trying to catch him.
    What if this is a projection from his childhood? Abusive parents are easy to come by in England. That poor man.

    I'm now worried about his safety and mental well being. He's no longer just a D-bag whos into hurting whoever. He has a problem and could hurt himself. I'm not sure if theres anything i can do without either embarrassing him, the angry man coming out or him just not listening to me. Any advice?
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    If I were you M_P the first thing I would do would be to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau and explain the situation and ask them - they should be able to give you some suggestions, good luck :)
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