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New School, Old Me

I'm going to school this coming fall, but I'm early nervous. I've never been to college, and in March I'm turning 22. So I'm going to be an older student, which sets me apart right off the starting line. Not only that, but I'm coming from the Navy, which puts a lot of people off. And I'm weird...or at least thats what people have told me all my life. I'm definitely a floater, I don't really have a "squad". So I'm really nervous about making friends (because all of my friends that went there have already graduated) and being treated differently by the professors.


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I think you will find college much different and going in at the age of 22 is not that old there will be a lot of people there older then that. I am sure you will find new friends or at least people you can hold conversations with and still keep friends outside of school. It will be a much wider range of people. different views of the world and different backgrounds. Professors unfortunately is out of your hand, but if anything happens please try not to take it personally you could be the "ideal" student and still have a professor that gives you a hard time. That is their issue not yours. I wish you all the luck going into school and I hope you keep us updated, we will always be here for support.
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Hey there, I'm sure you'll do well. I went back to college when I was in my 30's and yes it felt a bit strange at first, but it ended up being okay. You'll probably find that you're a lot more mature in your thinking, with your navy background, but that's a good thing. Bottom line, you're going there to improve you, finding friends will just be a plus. Good luck.


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Hey there, don't worry about going back to school. If you think 22 is considered an "older" student you're mistaken. You'll soon see that you fit right in regarding age group. And your slight advantage with being a little more mature (age, military) will come in handy with professors. No one is going to look down on you for being in the military - people are smart enough to see that service is a benefit to this country. Even the people who don't believe in what we're fighting for believe in the people who are fighting, trust me. Don't sweat it. You got this. Good luck.

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Good luck! Hope it goes okay...
You're right that if you expect to make friends you'll find it hard, if you go in with an open mind to the experiences, it may be easier.

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