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No purpose

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Nameless456, Oct 14, 2015.

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  1. Nameless456

    Nameless456 New Member

    All I've known my life is how people can drop you and remove you from their lives without so much a second thought. I've never been a normal child, from the age of about 3 I've known it myself, my mum had my brother and I was pushed out being the oldest, so I began acting up (I have ADHD) because I needed the attention, few years down the line my mum had a new boyfriend and I got beaten, something went wrong I got punched ect. My mum go depression and as well as being the family punchbag I became it's carer too, cooking tea, cleaning, looking after my brother ect. Then when my mum got better I got thrown into care. Pushed round family after family, kids homes everything, not much changed in them either, I've always been the weak one no matter where I go to, I met a girl and we had a daughter, after getting back in contact with my mum and having my girl life was on track. That was until she started beating me (yeah I'm a guy who got beat and controlled, laugh if you must). I let her do it because it was normal, she then left me and took my daughter, she told my family I beat her ect. Now I sit in a flat, go to college, then back to my flat on a night. I've tried overdosing plenty of times. With no-one who gets what it feels like I feel even more alone. Id say it'd get better but the world has shown me it can only get worse. Not sure if I can do this anymore.
  2. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    Nameless, I am sorry, I am sorry that you had a family that treated you like they did, I am sorry that you had people treat you like they did, No one in here will laugh, no one will put you down, some in here know what you are going through. I would like to welcome you to Suicide Forum, I believe that you will fit in here, all of us here are looking for help in one way or another, some have been through some of what you have, I am sure that there will be others that can talk with you one on one and tell you how they dealt with it or how they still are dealing with it, We are here to help you get through this, or help you deal and get through another day! Read some of the articles or stories in the forum , talk with people that stop by and offer you support or just a kind word, that is all you will hear in here no yelling, name calling or criticizing. Empathy and support, here I hope to see you again, I know a couple here that can tell jokes, no guarantee that they are good but shrugs, you can tell them they are great if you want! Take Care and be gentle on yourself! I will see you again!
  3. Helge Møen

    Helge Møen New Member

    Nameless! You had a really really horrible childhood,!.!. But if you think of your daughter Im sure you can find it in you to continue and fight so that she wont suffer the same horrible faith you did... You are young, Find a nice girl to marry and show everyone that you are you and not a product of your family but yourself! Create your own traditions, be happy and misserable, like all familys are:) I know this is over simplifying your pain, but hopefully giving your daughter a good life can make you think twice about the pills? I know, its very easy for an outsider like me to give advice... I would kick myself!... Only thing I ask of you is "please continue some more" and think about your daughter!?
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