Nobody Knows

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  1. Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows how I feel inside Nobody knows but meI put on a show like a clown on the outside I look good,but on the inside my world is coming down.Nobody knows that I'm crying inside nobody knows but me.The pain is real even if Nobody knows.Nobody knows that I hear you cry at night,How my arms ache to hold you.Nobody knows how lonely the nights are and how the days are so sad.Nobody knows you are the first and last thing onmy mind when I wake and go to sleep Nobody knows but meLike a puzzle my world has been torn apart.Nobody knows how much I miss younobody knows but me.Oh why Oh why did my sweet baby have to die?Nobody knows not even me.
    Copyright ©2008 Jennifer Diane Ward
  2. CGMAngel

    CGMAngel SF Supporter

    Perhaps nobody knows, but somebody does care.

    Please be good to yourself. Try to stay strong.
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