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    For those of you who don't know me please choose your words carefully in speculating what you may or may not know. For those of you who do, this is for you. These last few weeks have been pretty rotten. Everyone knows I love my truck, and I loved rocky. I lost them both in a matter of 16 hours apart and was fooled in thinking I would get either back. My heart was crushed and no matter how bad I wanted to fix it or how bad anyone else wanted to fix it, it couldn't be done. Instead I did something if anyone who is gone in my life were alive today they'd have my ass. I went back on my word and in a sense lied when I swore id never touch that stuff again. I screwed up and I'm not sure it is fixable this time. I would love nothing more than to wake up from this nightmare, but truth be told its reality.I hate it more that anything and wish I could change it. I managed to hurt the few people in my life that have never turned their backs or walked away. I can never and will never forgive myself for that. All I wanted was to feel better, and I did. Once I was outed by none other than my big mouth, felt like my world was crumbling beneath me. I truly hope I can be forgiven eventually. I didn't do it to hurt anyone, I did it to get away when I should've turned my fucking head in a 360 and I wouldntve had to look far. I love you all and I am genuinely sorry...
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    I hope things get better for you. Your intentions weren't bad at all and i'm sure other people have gone through similar circumstances.

    Take care.