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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by argento, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. argento

    argento New Member

    Hi, I very rarely post as I still get embarrassed posting some of this stuff, I feel eyes of my gran telling me to keep my chin up :)

    Anyways I have anxiety and depression but also some eating issues which I always thought of as a control issue rather than separate issue. I have been overweight, pretty much fat since I was a kid due to all kinds of life problems and used food as a crutch.

    I have had severe acid reflux problems twice in 5 years the last time it lasted 2 and a half years caused by my purging habit. My doctor didn't take it serious, mainly because I'm a man and we don't get eating disorders apparently.

    Last time I went from 17st to 11st5 in 4 months, I ended up having seizure and knocking self out on floor.

    Long way to go to get to the point of post - sorry for rambling :)

    Anyway this time I cut sugar out, ate healthy and went from 16st to 10st 6, took all vitamins, drank water, green tea heck even stopped smoking. But since February I'm getting a bit obsessed about it, I lost more weight without trying and am 9st 13 now and at 5'11 that's a bit low. The problem is I might be skinny but have the left over skin etc making me feel fat and it's making me paranoid. Throw in my anxiety and my normal paranoia of being looked at and criticised and its making me Ill again and I don't want to go there again.

    Any advice?
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I gotta say that I do not have any real answers because I grapple with same issues re seeing my body thought what I call a warped mirror. At my highest i was about 215 lbs. Now I am about 107. Or I was that before I went on a trip and ate a lot this past 4 days. I have a lot of skin. So I know what you are talking about. The only way I know of to work on an ed is to literally work on it with a therapist. Or perhaps join a group in your area if your physician will not refer you to someone who really understands eating disorders. Yes. I do agree that eating disorders are about control. But control of what? I think it may all come down to love/deservving/achieving/ acceptance. This being the way that someone chose to best be able to control that. So I think it is important to work on that stuff. But also with someone who understands eds. especially if there has been a history of purging.

    I am not sure if you can find a physcian who would refer you. Or if you live in a country where even if you did have a referal you could get help quickly. If not, then perhaps you can seek out a group that is online or local that has meetings. I think groups that have meetings are great. Sometimes that can even happen by teleconference calls.gotta run !! good luck>:D<
  3. TheStruggle

    TheStruggle Active Member

    I agree with flowers. Seeing a psychologist or someone along that line. It may seem like it's a bit overboard, but it really does help. Sometimes, just talking through issues can make you feel better, although psychologists do much more than just that.

    I'm sorry that people don't think of men as people who can get eating disorders, by the way. I'm glad that you realize you might have a problem. Good luck. :)
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