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    Hey, new here and just really need some help working something out. It's driving me insane and I have no idea what to think, anymore. I'm warning you now, it'll probably be a wall of text and possibly triggering, so it's up to you to carry on.

    I was in a long relationship, it was long distance but we were doing fine. We met up when we could, and the time together and even apart, although hard, was great. But I guess things just started to change a little? Things got hard. Then she left me. Very shortly after, she's with someone else.. and I was really heartbroken when she left me, so finding out she was already with someone else.. well it just drove me deeper into whatever it was I felt. I'm not going into all the details because that's not the important part. Here's the important part.
    A couple of weeks into the relationship, she started talking to me.. telling me how she missed me, us. That she never really wanted the relationship she was in, and was ending it. Then she said she still felt so much for me.. she was so happy when I said I still loved her, that I still wanted something with her. She said that she wasn't certain we'd get back together, but she wanted me and that she wouldn't get with me then so we didn't mess things up. She wasn't ready for a relationship, she needed time alone and she wouldn't get any with everything going on, etc. I understood, and decided to stop trying tog et over her.. With things going the way they were, it seemed we'd be back together. She then started texting me again.. telling me that she hated how things had been. She honestly seemed like she was in love with me, still wanted me. We'd talk over lunch for a while, and things were.. great. I'm not being over exaggerate when I say she seemed like she really wanted me.

    That's when it all changed. All of a sudden, she's not thinking of me anymore. And she's into someone else, who she's now with, again so suddenly.. and now she's with him, I'm broken up even more. She told me she still wanted something with me.. that she wasn't ready for a relationship but couldn't stop thinking about me.. and now she's with him.

    So my question is this. Am I just being too.. well.. whatever, or was I being strung along by the one person I'm still in love with? I don't know if I'm being stupid or not. I don't know what to think. I think once I know what others think, it'll help me move on. I just need to know.

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    Sounds like she doesn't know what she wants. Personally, I would get away from that relationship. If she really cared about you she wouldn't be seeing someone else, it's really that simple. Sorry if that's too blunt or whatever, but I've been in relationships with those types of people, and it just wears you out in the end.
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    Thanks for the response. She seems like she's like.. in love with this other guy now. It's not been long, but I guess that's possible, so you're right. She can't feel anything at all for me. Thanks again.
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    Or maybe you could talk to her about this. No-one else is going to be able to give you a proper answer.
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    I don't think so. I doubt she really even thinks about it anymore, so bringing it up at all would be stupid. Thanks for the replies anyway, both of you.
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    This may sound like an immature approach to the situation, but maybe what you should do is the next time you talk to her mention that you're interested in someone else ( even if you're not) and see her reaction. If she brings up wanting something with you again, say she has to choose between you and her current bf. If she doesn't say anything and seems fine with it then you should move on.