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Obsessing over a potential diagnosis


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Does anybody else obsess over a potential diagnosis when your psychiatrist mentions the possibility? Like do a lot of research or take multiple self-tests online?

This has become a problem for me. For me it's 2 different ones that have been mentioned as a possibility (in addition to my list that I have already been diagnosed with.) At my Psychiatrist appointment yesterday he mentioned that I probably have a B Cluster Personality Disorder, so I started looking it up right away and have taken many online tests (all of which suggest that I have BPD.) In addition to that I have had many people suggest that I'm on the spectrum, so I have done many tests and done a lot of research.

It becomes a major obsession for me and I know it's not a good idea to self-diagnose but I can't help but look into it as much as possible.


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I look into stuff all the time, I self diagnose all the time, people have suggested a few diagnoses to me and I look into it, read up on symptoms, pathologies and do all the online tests, I do this to decided if I believe I may have what they are suggesting, I consider it preliminary diagnosis, like a gym teacher looking at a leg and saying "I think its broken" before taking you to see a doctor. It isnt meant to be a replacement for a true professional assessment, just an independent inquiry.

Also, what is so wrong with looking into it? Someone is suggesting you have a disorder, it relates to the nature of your "self", it can simply be considered a journey of self-discovery, trying to understand yourself. As long as you ultimately allow professionals to do their jobs, and you dont obsess to the point where it becomes a problem, I never saw research as a bad thing.


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I think there is a difference between being informed and driving yourself crazy with trying to find the answer to something. It's really a matter of whether it's negatively affecting your mental health. I'm a researcher, it's what I do. Sometimes that is highly beneficial, and other times it's detrimental. It's figuring out which is which and trying to not do the later.

Knowing about your diagnosis and what treatment options you have is a good thing. Walking into an appointment with some kind of idea what the doctor is talking about is helpful as well. Ultimately the professional has to make the call what the official diagnosis is. If you feel like you're going to far and it's making you worse, than that's a problem. So my question to you is, do you think it's making you feel worse?
@ZombiePringle , first off -- Amazing Name. Brilliant. I have to agree with @Dante and @Nick, I also do not believe there is anything wrong with looking into something, and I think most people do. The key is to not drive yourself crazy and to make sure you are not falling into what I learned was "Intern's Disease", but is apparently more commonly referred to as "Medical Student's Disease". Yes, you know yourself and how you are feeling better than any external observer, but leave the diagnosing to the professionals. Doing research so you can ask intelligent questions makes perfect sense, but try to not run yourself down a rabbit hole.


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I appreciate all the input, and in this case I don't think it's making my mental health worse, it's actually helping. As I read stuff it's like "So, that's why I do that." Or just other ah-ha moments.

I think at this point I will definitely leave the official diagnosis to a professional. However, I've talked to 2 of my exes and presented the symptoms and in their words it's "spot on." I've also discussed it with my friend that I've known for about 16 years ago who was a therapist and she said it's probably the case.

So, I'm not diagnosing myself, but I believe it's about a 95% chance that I get diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder, so there will be no surprise there.


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@ZombiePringle as long as it's helping I wouldn't worry about it. If you find it crossing the line into an obsession that is getting out of control I would suggest taking a step back from the research for a bit. I hope you are able to get a proper diagnosis and maybe finally get directed treatment.


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No. I only read abit to understand what my doctors say. The rest I just try my best to listen to doctors advice. I dont get obsessed cause I am lazy to read even hahaha

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