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  1. 1818

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    I simply wish I could live a normal life without walking down the streets and counting how many light posts I passed, or the day I can have a regular conversation with somebody without being distracted by counting how many words they've said. I simply wish I could push a pre-set button on the microwave and not have to worry about the number(s).
    I don't want to live with OCD anymore, but it's the lifestyle I've adapted closest to & I'm scared to change it. everything would go wrong.
  2. Butterfly

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    It must be difficult to go through that every day. Recovery can also be difficult because it can be scary to let go of the life you have adapted to, frightening even, but it's most certainly worth it in the end.
  3. Petal

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    I used to suffer OCD a good few years ago, example..dyed my hair 7-8 times a day 'til it fell out. Somehow the OCD with other things too, touching things a certain number of times, listening to songs a certain number of times...Somehow this went away on it's own. I wish I could help you but I really can't pinpoint as to what took it away, but good luck to you, it can be treated :)
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