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One Thing to be Grateful for Each Day

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Work was okay today!
I started work today and really didn't want to go back. Okay, so there was no actual teaching involved, which definitely helped. I didn't realise how much I don't want to do my afternoon job until I'm nearly there. I really don't want to continue doing what I've been doing until now. I don't mind something similar. I don't mind teaching the weakest students one to one. I love working with the girls. I'm just not interested in it.
Anyways, I was dreading school today and it was really okay and I'm so grateful for that.


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the people on SF that have big hearts and have shown time after time that they care when i'm suffering or when i'm doing great it doesn't matter. i'm grateful knowing that there are still a lot of great compassionate people in the world...mike


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I was a bit curious so I searched "suicide forum" in Chinese on the browser. I didn't expect I would find something. Now I'm full of appreciation because I just found a search resource, the title of it was in Chinese, and the site was in English. So I looked through those words and found that's actually SF!
SF is such an awesome forum and it's support is really around the world! So more people will find this site when they're feeling bad, and they will get the help they need.:)


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It has been said but is worth repeating. That I'm grateful for the rent-subsidy which makes my housing affordable. And for my Medicaid so that I don't have to worry at all when I get hospitalized.
Grateful for the apartment manager who smiles and talks to me.

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