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over 50 with chronic physical illness or pain


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a lot of us as we get older suffer from illness or chronic pain. so most of us over 50 start having physical illness. sometimes it can be a pain in the ass or devastating. i have times that i consider the fast end is the best way because of pain but so far have avoided it. this is a place where we understand and can stick together and support one another. almost everyone knows my physical issues so i won't mention them unless someone asks. please tag in people that may benefit this thread. just thought i'd tag in one person @SillyOldBear


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@1964dodge Oh yeah! Old age is NOT the 'golden years'. I was in so much pain on Wednesday that I had to leave work early. At least as soon as I could after getting priority stuff done. Wish I could have left earlier. I won't list everything either. Would probably blow up the site if I did. :D And, like Mike, I often think of ending it all because of pain and money issues. But I persevere, so far. Someday....who knows, it just might not be worth staying around any longer for. I would love to hear how others deal with age and pain issues. Especially trying to stay positive and not biting everyones head off when you are in agony. Hope you will share. @Angie @extraterrestrialone @sadcat @shattered dreams


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Right now the mental stuff is killing me. But the physical is a big pain also. I realized this week that yes indeed my bladder is leaking. Fml. So I'm heading to my gp on Monday to talk about that and the diabetes.

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