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    I keep telling myself that I'm okay. But I'm not.. Not at all. It's taking every part of me.. All the effort I have to get out of bed and go on with my day, to pretend like I'm fine. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know how to get on with my life right now. My heart aches so much.. It's taking every fibre of my body not to break down and cry. I'm alone again. And everything I've once feared, has come back.. And this time, it's harder than ever. I know I have lots to live for. I know that none of this is worth the pain I feel. But I can't see that right now.. Or I do see it, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore. Nothing seems to matter anymore. I'm trying to be strong, but it just feels like its over. It should be over. I just want it to be over..
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    I used to be like that, now i'm simply alone and with no will to live in my bed, doing nothing and feeling nothing again, and i wish i don't wake up tomorrow, because i've got nothing to live for.
    I know that doesn't help, but you will stop feeling too sooner or later i guess, it's better than hurting.
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    Your are grieving hun right now that is normal ok You have to get through this hun and then you will start having less pain hun and be able to focus more on YOU and getting your life back hugs just know hun we are here ok and you are not alone hugs
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    Sometimes I think I am addicted to the missery and it's akin to giving up hard drugs! The depression often comes back to me and drags me down, just as I start to feel like there is hope.
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    I've been grieving for so long I feel like I'm sinking in misery. I sometimes feel like I'm getting accustomed to all the rejection and pain that it's like the only way I know how to cope with everything.
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