Panic disorder, agorafobia and anxiety healing

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    Dear friends, I have panic disorder more 15 years and there is possibility like to handle with it. On one side is medication ( f.i. benzodiazepines and causalitic madication) On the other side is fight with it. I m not winner yet but Ive learned to enter to the middle of the battle. It means - if there is agorafobia, Im entering the critical space again and again until ill beat it. Success rate 90%. If Ill get attack ( sooner cos now my situation is critical) - try to think - all is happening only in my head and Im able to beat it. Breath slowly even you are missing air. Maybe you will see small stars in front of your eyes but it will disappear. Callm down ( I know its pretty hard). If you have problems to swallow - dont try to do it at least 10 mins. Next take a bottle of water and with small press on it try to drink. If you will succeed, OK, if not, repeat it. I did it with success but it took me more 10 years to learn it.