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Pet corner


Jay Jay from the UK
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I have decided to make a new thread dedicated to our fur babies and pets, pets bring us all a lot of happiness and comfort and of course love to our lives on a daily basis.... So...... drum roll.... welcome to let corner. Post a pic of your pet and a short story about your little angel.... here is mine! This is Murphy he is my 7 month old naughty labradoodle... he is a right daddy’s boy and I would be lost without him. He is so cuddly and loves his daddy cuddles every morning and night.... meet Murphy...


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Sam(sun), who I often called little boy until this past year when I realized he was about 11 years old,,,,gray hairs now mixed in...so the new moniker is "old man";) If I can figure out how to post a picture besides the one in my avatar space I will...... I also have Sadie, another rescue I think is an Australian mix... about the same age...... they rule the house and the bed....
Murphy is gorgeous
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