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Lost are only those who abandon themselves
I have found a lot of new-found, recent phobias (with no specific trigger) are indeed related to anxiety disorders, as the world around you seems to become a more hostile place and heightened sensitivity therefore ensues.

With that in mind, the main way to rid yourself of them is to do what is necessary (clearly) to reduce said anxiety. It may be mixing with more people, reducing stress, re-absorbing the peacefulness of the world, by walking out in nature more. Whatever works for you really, directly related to the main source of the stress/anxiety.

You are right, many unusual phobias that never previously existed, can suddenly come into your everyday experience.

Take care.


stuck in place yet again
phobias 🧐, hmm, i have a few, i have aquaphobia, a paranoia about clowns and garages, shadows of ghosts. hmm i do not know if you guys want me to explain but I'll leave it here just in case i forget about this thread.

so well me and my sister always swam since we were three went to swimming school, and then swam every day of summer vacation. it was properly because i had shitty eye sight but every time i was in the swimming pool the color and coldness made me feel like something was in the dark or deep side. something about to rise up like a water dragon. and then that all the pool water would become one entire huge crocodile. this started after i saw an episode of H20 the one with mermaids where the enter water in the pool became a dragon. so like three years ago in high school we had freshman PE with 13 lanes and i got up half in lane one in swim test because it looked like there was a shark coming at high speed towards me from lane 13. thinking now it could've just been all the other people swimming + my bad eye sight making it look like a shark. i couldn't even take cold showers, a cold bath, or look at the ocean water in my marine class although oddly i love going to the beach and going into the water. so like with time now i can take cold showers but not willing to take a cold bath. well even cold showers only to certain extent so they don't trigger my fear of a snake crawling from the drain and crawling on me. i am able to look at recorded ocean water the one im talking about is like ocean documentaries about deep marine life where water color is darker. i know longer fear thinking about water in the dark feeling like i will be submerged into water. when i think that way my body feels almost cold, numb, and almost this wet feeling which is still cold. and in my head everything looks like underwater. welp so next is what uuh, yes clowns well i always hated them see i have sleep paralysis because i feel like a clown or something creepy is just standing there watching about to get me unless i sleep with my blanket over my head. i still feel like my house is haunted with a eerie feeling. clowns i always find them creepy knowing about the creepy killer clown popo and the clown from terrifier with the scene where he shoots his self with a gun inside his mouth but lives anyway. welp this stuck in my head mostly due to the garage paranoia. welp always felt a creepy feeling about garages since the one unddr our house we out a lot of stuff where you can see in the back which is all black. then when we moved it is attached to our house. i hate it because it is hard to breath and suffocating in there. anyhow basically i took a sociology class where they talk about joseph fritzel please don't look this up unless you want to be traumatized and don't read further unless you want to be traumatized joseph fritzal is a guy i forgot from which place but it is europe I believe he was a pedophile that what do you call it when they aren't seen as it anymore because their label as pedophile expires after certain amount of time he abused his daughter when she was little. but for some reason his wife didn't say anything they lived in a huge house surrounded by huge grass and rarely interacted with neighbors but when he he did it was friendly. so anyhow the daughter suddenly went missing in high school or something like that fritzal was a engineer or something like that hr built like this underground are under his house many floors down where there is a room after opening many doors where there is no light he hid his daughter there used her as a sex slave for 20 years some reason his wife didn't know anything. she gave birth to i believe four kids there, he spread a rumor that his daughter ran away from home and went into a cult and left her baby on their doorstep for them to raise his wife the daughter's mom and everyone else belived her the wife raised two babies as a proud grandmother and was famous for it and given awards and money and stuff while her daughter was used as a drugged sex slave by her husband underneath her house. and i believe later he brought the other two too. the neighbors did think there was something suspicious and police and investigators tried to do something but there is a stature of limitations on offenders for 9 years which is like after their time expires and there is no other cases on their name the police can't go ask them. so ya and basically after a while the law fixed or something like that and the truth got out the daughter was rescued the wife found out the truth apparently she was like oh i didn't care much because she was on medication or something like that and neighbors didn't know he was an offender. the friends at her school knee though the daughter had bruises and stuff. so ya that + terrifier gave me a trauma.

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