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    baby, if you're reading this i'm sorry i haven't told you but everytime i try to tell you something you threaten to tell my dad or call the police..

    The voices and people i see are so bad recently.. they've been physically hurting me.. i can't stop them. i just curl up in a ball and cry out in pain.. I've told one person, my girlfrind, but she can't do anything to help..I'm already taking antipsychotics but i don't think they're helping anymore.. I feel so insane. no one can help me. i just want to die all the time and i shouldn't want to.. i mean i have the most amazing perfectly wonderful girlfriend in the world and she does everything she can to help me. she's out for the night though and i'm serously thinking about ending it tonight.. I need some help.. please.. anyone..
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    Here if you want to talk. :hug: