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Please read if your feeling down!

I'm here for you, If the world falls apart on you, you fall into a black hole, the sun freezes over. I will be there for you. Every fight, every struggle, every whisper you speak i hear. I feel for you and you can take my kindness, you can tie me down and make me your puppet if your that kind, but i will smile and share my light that i hold dear. Because no matter who hurts me I will never return it. You will always have my shoulder to cry on you will always have my ear to rant off. i will always be there for you no matter day or night. Wrong or right or if your too scared to fight. I'm your girl/dude. Because everyone needs that someone to turn to whether it's a big problem or you just stubbed your tiny toe. I'm here to listen to you. Because I CARE! And you will never have to return the feeling nor emotion. Because I don't ask for favors I only ask for results. And the only result i want from you.... Is a courageous smile and maybe a laught. That way i can tell that i'm doing something right. Because as long as your happy, I'm happy have a blessed day. And keep this in mind...
You are a very special person, you have people who love you very much. Your kind and caring and people admire your strengths and accept your flaws with kind words and open arms. You ARE Important! Even when the sun goes down and it feels like everything is falling apart, we applaud you for standing tall adn staying here this long! We are PROUD of you! Keep fighting a good fight and remember you are always loved no matter what!

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