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Race towards an early grave
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My nephew: You can't go on that slide, you're too fat for it.
Me: Oh, thank you very much.
My nephew: I'm really sorry! It's just too narrow.

My nephew: Bye sweetheart.
Me: Bye honey.
Him: Don't call me honey. Bye alcoholic!

I mean he's not wrong on either count, and I found it funny. lol


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A memory cropped up today from years ago.
My car had to have some repairs done and I was offered a car to use for a few days, by the garage. I was so grateful until I realised it was an automatic. I totally flipped out as I am used to driving a manual. I did not feel confident having to adjust to an automatic whilst finding my way out of a large city. The guys in the garage could not understand it as usually it is the other way around.
Call me insane, but automatics DO take adjusting to after being used to a manual. Having to learn how to drive one, esp in a city is not ideal in my view. Sure they are easier to drive when you get used to them but having to adapt instantly is not something I felt confident about. I stand by my justification for tantrum. Time to let go of that memory... forever.


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My mum gives money to charity, cos she's a kind and caring person. My brother attempts, ends up in hospital and she says "well I can't be dealing with everybody's problems". So I guess the fact that other people confuse me is not me, other people are to blame!


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Not looking forward to the next few weeks with the Queen passing it will take over the UK news there already calling off sport this weekend

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