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  1. ausy94

    ausy94 New Member

    Anyone here have PTSD and can offer some advice on how to handle it? I really don't want to go see a doctor over it...
  2. Petal

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    Hi ausy, I have PTSD, for me it causes a lot of anxiety and lack of sleep. I sometimes get flashbacks but with therapy and medication it has improved. I'm sorry but don't see any other way to release the thoughts without seeing the doctor and creating a support system around you to help. Why are you against seeing a doctor?

    Either way I will try and help and support you through this, 1 good thing is drawing a picture of the person you hate, place it on a bed and beat the picture-that's a healthy way and you can learn many many more ways by seeing a professional.

    I don't know what caused your PTSD but we will help you through it.
  3. ceedge

    ceedge Member

    PTSD is difficult and the thing(s) that caused it are the hardest of all to handle. There are many "self help" books and such out there if you are into that kind of thing. I too dislike drs well dislike having to see drs. I have found the best psych dr and therapist in my area. Have they helped me through my issues? no but they are considered the best. I do like them. My therapist encourages me to journal and write about things. I have a creative side and tend to write, draw, paint, take photos, etc so she encourages those things. If you are into any of those it is was to release some of the anger, frustration, hurt, etc. There is EMDR which you need a therapist to do but the way I understand it works is that by alternate tapping, eye movement, or alternating noises while thinking of an event the physical pain/emotions move from the physical to be properly stored mentally. Trauma events aren't always stored the way everyday events are and as result they cause physical pain and reactions where an everyday event will not. EMDR therapy is suppose to allow you to move that trauma from to the way an everyday emotion works. The event still happened, it was bad, it hurt, but you don't physically react when thinking about it or something that reminds you of it. At least that is the way EMDR has been described to me. I've talked to people who have had it work for them. Sorry but I've not been so lucky. Nothing works for me. I have no hope for myself that things will ever get better. But for you I'd suggest starting with a therapist but make sure they are experienced in working with trauma patients. If you don't like them, move on. You don't have to stay. If you are working and have an Employee Assistance Program you can usually get free help for a few visits that way and if the therapist doesn't work then they will send you to someone else.
    Good luck, I'm sure I made no sense at all but maybe something was useful.
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