Questions about Bipolar, specifically type 2, but all input is appreciated

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by ExtraSoap, Dec 29, 2013.

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  1. ExtraSoap

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    I was recently diagnosed with "Bipolar Subtype 2" that was followed by many fancy words that I forget that basically mean I start the day feeling alright, but as the day goes on I start on a downward slope, eventually flatlining at night. Occasionally I get hypomanic, but that usually wears off by 4PM. If anyone has experience with this sort of thing, can you describe your experiences specifically if you don't mind? I know that there's no "standard" with this, but I'm curious what other people go through and I also want to compare, if that's alright with you guys.
  2. KiY

    KiY Member

    I have the same. For me it is made up of long periods of severe depression with periodic bouts of psychosis. Manic episodes are quite rare. Usually they are triggered by positive events, such as a girl I like asking to meet up, getting a job interview or just having a good idea for something to do. I stop being depressed and become very excited by the potential of these things. Everything in my life starts to take second place and loses it's importance to this one golden pursuit. I quickly burn out. My desperate attention sabotages whatever I was trying to achieve. I start to lose faith in my goals and come crashing back down. Depression sinks back in and suddenly this thing that was so great a moment ago seems stupid, pointless and impossible. The truth is I think I've had some really great, workable, ideas in my life, but I've never had any success because of my condition and how it stops me dead. Even when I try to fight through the depression and continue what I was doing, it's futile as my heart's just not in it and I can't hold attention for long. These period of mania last for anything from a couple of hours to a week, but very rarely more than that.

    My mania also has a second more localized impact on me. It happens when I go out for a drink sometimes. The alcohol triggers my mania and I just become another person. Crude, stupid, loud, confident, talkative. All these things are pretty much what happens with alcohol for anyone, but it's amplified by my condition. Most of the time I can hold my drink pretty well, but sometimes... well it's just hectic and I wake up the next morning with a shame-hangover - the self-loathing made even worse by the equally rapidly occurring depression state.
  3. Aria11

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    Hi there
    I have Bipolar type 1 and I am on Ephixor xr and Seroquel. First off, be thankful you do not have type 1! I hallucinate when I am manic, am completely delusional, do not sleep, hyperactive and all that once got me arrested. I was hospitalized twice, once when manic and once when depressed.. Periods of depression tend to last a lot longer and are, in my opinion, worse. Ever since I have been diagnosed, I started medications and have not gone through any periods of depression or mania so here is the good news: once you find your balance (the correct dosage of the right meds), it will feel like you have been released from jail!

    It has been 2 years since my last hospitalization and to be franc, my family had no idea what was happening with me until the second time around! Bipolar is not easy to diagnose . I am now doing my masters in the number one business school in Europe (IE) and am in the process of kick starting a company with a few colleagues in the Golf region (Dubai). So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to find that medication balance and work hard to stay sane i.e. exercise, keep your mind occupied with things that challenge it and entertain it, eat clean and surround yourself with a few people who really matter.

    Pills alone are hardly the cure. You need to put in the effort and have the will power and faith that you CAN and WILL function normally and not only that, Bipolar is called creative genius disorder and people who have it are more intelligent than the norm so explore it and exploit it! you will thrive, I promise you. I have hit rock bottom and I know...

    Hope this helps.
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