[rant- *triggering?*] - lsd doesn't have something good to do for her life

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  1. LSD

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    ,,know the feeling when a gun is infront of your face..touching your skin
    - how fragile is a human life
    its funny.. cuz in anatomy and fisiology they teach you how damn complicate
    is the human body..millions of different process happens when you just ate an apple and when you pick something you drop
    but.. just a little pieace of metal can end it all

    pleople prepare some hard method to die..when the only fact that you stopped breathing.can also kill you
    find a way to stop your heart
    how come that is always in my mind ?

    even its soo easy
    the hard part sometimes is pulling the trigger
    and decide to do so
    die sounds so easy.
    but how come i'm not able to do it
    people die for meanless and little things
    and i do them all and more.. and i'm still here

    maybe the ending is just another start
    heaven hell.. or just the nothing
    how can be sure
    what lies after the bullet
    we all wanna know
  2. LSD

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    its such a damn huuuuuggggeee mistake i'm here ^^
    i shoudn't be here
    waste of space
    waste of hair
    waste of oportunities

    i should reconcider the fact of going this year
    i really don't have something... on me that worths ..for living
    proly my lil sis... i don't want her to have any traumas or whatever
    but i can't hold it longer
    i wish i could be selfish
    -- this time.. selfish-- i don't care.. i dont want to breath any longer
    idk how the hell im still here
    i don't want it
    i dont want to keep going
    .. all i want is to rest
    proly i'm to lazy..thats all
  3. famous.last.words

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    you are not any of those things.
    y'know, i have just looked at some of your other replies to people and throught what a kind, empathic and sweet people you are.
    the kindness you show for others is emmense, there is a whole lot of goodness in you.

    Ever want to talk, im here. It would bet gutting to see such a wonderful person be lost.