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    Why? WHY WHY WHY? Why the bloody hell can't you tell me where the hell I'll be tomorrow? Do I mean that little to you? Ha! I shouldn't have asked that. I already know the answer to it. YES! I do. I'm nothing to you. Just a resource to be exploited. Did you ever love me? No. You just covered up your feeling because mom was around. Back then, you took advantage of her instead of me. Hell, you even managed to convince her that you loved her. Obviously, you didn't. d'oh. Get a girlfriend 10 months after she dies. How can you, you sick bastard?!
    Fine! Hang with you stupid girlfriend if you like! Stay away from me for fuck's sake. You have her. Boss her around. Don't try to run my life. You've forced me to be independent and now you want to control me again. Well, it ain't gonna happen.
    Oh, yes. I hate you. I hate you. But part of me still loves you. Why the hell? I have no idea. You do nothing to me but call me names and threaten to beat me. A couple times you even make good on those threats. I let you run my bank account into the negatives...what did I get in exchange? A new nickname! haha! "Wasteful bitch!" Gee, thanks. It really made my day.
    I am going to kill myself, eventually. I know. And it's going to be your fault. I can't take this life anymore! Of course, you won't care. No, it'll be a blessing to you I think. Except for the slight drawback of having to fake sorrow.
    Screw you, daddie!
    Leave me the fuck alone!
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