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Reasons to live


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Small or large. I was just thinking thinking this morning as I was driving to get coffee.

Grateful to be alive to see the squirrel that almost ran in front of my car, a bunny and birds.

A fight with my daughter that ended with me getting her hashbrowns. point is, for today at least I'm happy to be alive to see or deal with obstacles.

What are your reasons for living?
There are smaller things I live for such as cats, comedy, music, food, drinks.

And then there are the larger things like my friends, family and the many possibilities of my future.

The only problem is remembering these things when I'm feel down.
I lived because through my illness, I can become my doctor's teacher. Teaching my doctor about my life living with 90% lung capacity and yet I still can complete marathons, ultra marathons and even an Ironman Triathlon.

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