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Rehumatology apt


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Good Evening All

How are you? I hope you are okay :) Tomorrow is going to be a really tough day for me as it's going to be the day I finally get my chronic pain sorted and finally see a way forward. There's no more hiding this pain any longer and there's no more saying it's psychological or that it's a not worthy of my time and effort.

So tomorrow is when I see the rehumatologist. :) Really bricking it already and im very anxious.

Has anyone got any advice for me?
Hey, have you gone as yet?

I hope your appointment goes/went well. It's great that you are taking a step and hopefully getting some help to manage it!


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Hiya All

Things aren't great the moment in regards to rehumatology just when I thought everything will be okay on Tuesday i found out that my appointment was cancelled as the specialist walked out of her clinic and her list was canncelled for the day. I am feeling really angry and pissed off about it as i spent ages writing down some notes and trying to get everything settled in my head, spent the night before trying to relax and chill.

Now I'm just pissed off with it and frustrated


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Oh god that sucks so bad. Hopefully they'll reschedule you quickly without you having to wait a decade to get in this time. I've been there, done that. Ugh
I hag a rheumatology appt & they called on Friday canceling for Monday because this guy didn't realize they dont work with my particular disorder. (Some rheumatologist do, some don't) I'd waited a year to get in & dimmed out 20 pages of paperwork already. *sigh
I hope you get it dusted sorted soon. Are you seeing your gp aboutr the source of your pain now, I assume? Any ideas where you're starting with things?
I hope that you eventually get to see a doctor. That's terrible that you couldn't get your appointment.

Has anyone got any advice for me?
I'd recommend getting acupuncture. Pain is one of the things it treats best.

I can't remember if I've recommended it to you before or not, I probably have.

In any case, if you are interested, I could say some more about that.

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