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relationships and mental health


Jay Jay from the UK
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How many of us are in a relationship whilst struggling with mental health?

How do we cope in a relationship?

What strain does it put your partner under when you have mental health issues?

how do you feel being in a relationship knowing that you have mental health issues and that it may cause a strain on your partner?

I think these are valid questions that we should be open and honest about when your in a relationship? has anyone ever taken the time to ask their partner how they feel being in a relationship with someone with mental health or do you just take the relationship for granted?


Absolute Peach!
We talked about it many, many times. I broke up with him because I worked myself to the point where I assumed he was miserable, I was making him miserable. Not to say he wasn't completely at fault - he had some issues with dependency that didn't help me either - but yes, it really brought me down. I would get upset, I would shut off. He doesn't get that - he does the opposite - so it upset him, made him feel rejected. I'd feel worse, he'd feel worse.

The fix? Communication. Out of a relationship we could talk honestly without hurting each other, without the worry of whether saying something may ruin our relationship and look at our relationship from a non-involved point of view. Not all good talking. But we both finally listened and talked. Now he doesn't get confused, frustrated, upset, when I lose my head and he doesn't know what to do (I can be awful). I am clear with what I need, and he is clear on what he needs. We tell each other when the other steps outside. We are honest to a tee, completely open, and are always reviewing those boundaries and making sure we are both doing what's right for each other. It's not what most people want, but it works so well for us, because once things start to go under without being mentioned, we both have the tendency to run away with assumptions. We've kept everything in check.

We've been dating again for just over a month after a couple of months break, and we've never been happier. Communication is everything!

Sending hugs


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