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Relationships and mental health!!


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni
trying to find that balance is a hard act to do and find,

how many of you have or are in a relationship where you or the other suffers with mental health?

how do you cope in that relationship and is it strong??

what you have to learn is to be open and communicate your feelings and how you feel, thats the only way the other person will understand what is happening, the other person needs to know and not be closed off because once you close off and clam up how is the other person going to help or know what to do to help!

we all yearn for that loving relationship and we all yearn for that fairy tale ending! if you want it YOU can have it BUT it takes work, time, self help.

you have to let go of social media, let go of the past and look to the future! the future is unwritten BUT YOU CAN write it, so whats stopping you??

what is stopping you going out their and getting it??

what is holding you back??

what would you like to have happen?

sending this with love to you all.


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