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Repeating myself and always explaining myself

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by ShoegazeDaydream, May 28, 2016.

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  1. ShoegazeDaydream

    ShoegazeDaydream ~Kid at Heart~

    Lately my close friends have picked up on something. I'm constantly always repeating myself or explaining myself to people. I'm not sure why I do it either. I'm a chatterbox and will keep on going on and on. I've always been very talkative and when I talk, I get very excited and happy that it seems like my words gets all jumbled up together.

    I noticed my best friend looking at me once and he kept nodding his head. Wasn't sure if he heard everything I said, but he just kept nodding his head and looking at me. Finally he told me, "Take a breather. Relax. Take a deep breathe and exhale." I did this a few times and I continued to do it. Finally after a few times of me doing this he asked me if I felt better and I did. As time went on by I continued to do this and again and again. He was very patient and understanding with me. Finally one day he said, "I got you the first time, you don't have to constantly be explaining yourself all the time. It's okay. Relax for me." Sometimes I feel as if I can't stop, I just want to keep going on and on and talk. Anytime I'm become a chatterbox, I always repeat myself and explain myself constantly. I haven't talked to the doctor about this, but I do know that I have bi-polar disorder. It could be very well be something else, I'm just not entirely sure. Is this normal? Does anyone else relate with this? At this moment I feel very confused. :confused:
  2. Brian777

    Brian777 Safety and Support SF Artist SF Supporter

    Hi Lost, I think lots of people do this, especially if they're excited about what they're talking about, don't think it's anything to worry about and probably just part of your nature. Like your friend said, just relax and breathe, if you're aware you're talking too fast being aware of it is half the way to changing it to a more relaxed conversation. For both you and your friend :) take care
  3. Jenumbra

    Jenumbra SF Supporter

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  4. nikhil

    nikhil Member

    make your mind still. it happens by constant practice.
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