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    I found out that one of my very good friends from back in north carolina killed himself yesterday. I am in complete shock. I don't know how to feel. His girlfriend, also my friend broke up with him, and the next day he shot himself. He had a long struggle with mental illness, and because of lack of health insurance and money, he got no treatment. His gf called me yesterday to tell me, and she cried for three hours on the phone with me. I didn't know what to say or do to make her feel better. I feel bad that i left them and moved to texas. Maybe if i had stayed, i could have helped him. I'm worried that she will try to do something. I upset that I can't even make it back for the funeral. He was only twenty. He was so young. I have flashbacks of the last time I saw him. How could this happen, i have so many emotions, guilt, anger, sadness, confusion, etc. How do I cope with this?
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Shock and disbelief are normal reactions. Be assured that you were a good friend to him and to his girlfriend. There never seems to be answers to why or how something like this can happen. Even if you had stayed, he might have made the same decision about ending his life. Please do not blame yourself or think "if only". I wish you comfort and peace right now. Please keep safe yourself. :hug:
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    I also new bryan and he was very loved here at kitrell job corps. The news of his death broke today at 8:00am monday dec. 3 at an assembly. Everyone that new bryan new how much he loved his girlfriend and it hurts my heart so much to know that he is no longer with us. I strongly believe if he would have just made it back to campus he would have been able to cope with the break with his friends. Me and bryan where close he was the first person i meet on campus he was always so full of life. I never thought bryan would even consider taking his own life. He will be greatly miss. So many tears have been shed today and i know tomorrow when we attend his memorial service there will be many more. Yes im in shock and i still believe he is geting ready to come threw the classroom door and all of this will just be a huge dream but something tell me he is in a much better place. Anyone that really knew bryan would have known what a great person he really was.
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    Bryan Wright was like my brother. He stood up for me when I was being bullied at kittrell job corps. I miss him terribly. I am in shock over this and am so confused. He always made me laugh and was one of my few true friends. I have cried and cried. Losing him is one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. A part of me still expects him to be at school when I come back. I miss him so much.
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    I have those same feelings...Im trying to cope. I wish I would have known about his struggle with mental illness. I wish he was still here. This is very hard.
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    I'm so sorry for ye're losses. :hug: