RIP Rachael1

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Cpt-Fantastic, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Cpt-Fantastic

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    A kind spirit has left us. She was on this forum since last november, and didn't make it to june.
    She passed, but the memory of her lasts.
    Remembering how you never spoke bad about someone and your love for horses you excelled in compassion.
    I want to express my gratitude for having known her, and I hope you have finally found peace.
    Ride on Rachael, will miss u.
  2. jxdama

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  3. bearclaw27

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    Yours is a sweet and kind soul dear Rachael.. you will be forever missed..
  4. Petal

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    R.I.P Rachael. Truly hope you are at peace now.. xxx
  5. emily83

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    rest in peace rachel.

    i hope you have found peace
  6. 41021

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    For those left standing on the trail, take comfort, for i know this, a horse lover never dies.
    They hit the trail and ride forever off into the sunset.

    In memory this is where I'll see you, and this too, is where one day we may meet again.

    ((Rach)) When i first heard you had passed, my eyes filled with tears, and my heart with great sadness that you'd been here barely long enough to ride those great trails, and to open your eyes to the beauty that can be found away from the rest of this pain filled world, and only experienced from the back of your mount . I'm sorry what you saw and felt caused so much pain, you couldn't tough another sunrise.

    I think we all need to work a little harder at not losing so many young people. Take a chance on someone. Reach out, grab their reins for a just a moment, take them down another can't make them stay, but you could help them see there are other paths to choose. To all those hurting ((gentle hugs)), don't suffer alone, talk to someone.

    I really don't want to light anymore candles this year :(
  7. jsph444

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    RIP Rachael1
  8. meaningless-vessel

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    It does bug me. I could have done more. If I had, you might still have been around.

    And it's taken me this long to at least acknowledge it without the excess guilt of not acting :(
  9. 41021

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