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  1. dzda52511

    dzda52511 Member

    This is honestly pathetic .. my everyday life is slowly losing more and more meaning. nothing helps posting on here, going out with friends, nothing I do tried everything ... The things I picture to happen will never, soml
  2. nightfallagain

    nightfallagain Well-Known Member

    you have to remember, things here are not immediate responses, and I like immediate responses especially when I feel out of control. Look back as you post and respond and you will find that your feelings and emotions are not alone. I to, feel pathetic and want nothing more than to rid myself of this, but the more you chat, the more you respond, the more answers you will receive. "Giving" is what I have found to make my power grow. Have confidence in yourself to help others on this site, and when you have struggles and feel helpless...someone from this site is opt to respond with care and understanding...Direct your energy outward (to share your experience and thoughts) so that we will ALL may begin to manifest ideas that we all store inside!!! It is about finding "that" emotional stability within "ourselves" Please stay and share..
  3. Beautiful Hope

    Beautiful Hope Active Member

    Have you tried doing something that has meaning to others? Such as making a large donation to your community goodwill, of household items you don't need anymore? Maybe volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen? Or even just making "blessing bags" & handing them out to any homeless people you see around your community? I've had that help me in the past when I was feeling the way you are. In fact, I'm currently feeling the way you do so I might take a box of good to goodwill. I always keep a box in my house & as I find things I no longer need or use, I drop them in that box & when I start feeling really down, I drop it off. It's something that gives back to my community, gets rid of items I don't need & clears them out of my house, as well as gives me a good sense of self because I've done something that gives back & might help someone else. It often helps me.:cheerful:
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