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same old story....


Jay Jay from the UK
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If any armchair experts can let me know what a depressed person looks like, please let me know 😲

In the meantime, some words that are not helpful:

✖️ Stay strong
✖️ It's all in your head
✖️ Just get on with it
✖️ Tomorrow will be better

And the all time winner

✖️ Think positive

I hear this all the time from those that are either uneducated in terms of seeing mental health or those that simply don't care because they are "normal"

I do love an arm chair expert, can anyone else think of any others that can be added to the list??


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I say stay strong a lot because I believe people ARE stronger than they realise, not to dismiss what they are going through. Also, a lot of the time they are being made to feel weak by others abusing them and making them feel helpless. Personally, I think stay strong is not in the same category as they others, but I get your point.


stuck in place yet again
one, what is an armchair expert? ✖️ you can do this!!!
✖️ you got this!!!
✖️ you are better than this you can do it
and last but not least the class ✖️ you can do it

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